Why Us

Why New Life India?

High Success Rate

Since countless families rely on us to help them have the babies they have been dreaming of, we take our role in their lives and journeys very seriously. Every member of our team is dedicated to and responsible for each family.

With an 80 percent success rate, we are confident in our successes and look forward to making your dreams come true. New Life is built on a foundation of dedication, empathy, and integrity, and we are here to provide you with exceptional care as we find a solution to help you achieve parenthood. Part of this commitment includes guaranteed programs, designed to ensure you achieve your dreams with a stress-free solution that offers peace of mind.

Affordable Programs

Many families who come to us have already gone through miscarriage and unsuccessful treatments. We understand the emotional and financial stress and pain this can inflict on families, so we strive to mitigate this stress. Our solutions meet your needs to overcome fertility struggles with minimal financial investment. Our mission is to help every family have the baby they desire without unnecessary frustrations. We are here to help you find the best solution to make that happen.

European Doctors

As part of our commitment to excellence, we invite professional European doctors to monitor and assess our clinic. This assessment ensures we are consistently providing exceptional care and meeting or exceeding expectations to keep our success rates high for our families.

Professional Team

When you choose a fertility clinic, you should feel confident in its ability to meet your needs and achieve your goal: a healthy baby. Each of New Life’s doctors received their training and education in the United States or Europe and has at least 10 years of experience in the in vitro fertilization field.

Most Advanced Technologies

With medical advancements, we are consistently reaching higher standards of care for our families. As we adopt the most modern medical technologies, tools, and protocols into our facility so that we can provide even better, more successful fertility programs.

Guaranteed Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programs

New Life’s Guaranteed Programs have been made possible by our high success rates. With these programs, families can choose an egg donation or surrogacy program that ensures they achieve their dream of parenthood with one investment. These programs are designed to provide a stress- and worry-free fertility solution for every family who comes to us for help. Our goal is to alleviate as much of the emotional, mental, and financial stress as we possibly can. To learn more about our Guaranteed Programs, please contact a New Life India representative.