Coping Infertility and support from New Life India Clinic

  • Self-pitying and “Why Me” are worsening:

Self-pitying and cursing “Why Me” may help you crying your heart and provide you temporary relief. But this kind of wailing will harm you in the longer run and are self-destructive.

Instead of these, focus on finding out a solution to your problem and there will be one for you.

  • Support from New Life India Clinic staff:

There are countless examples with the supportive staff at the Clinic who will apprise you that couples with grit partnering with the team of specialist doctors gave birth of healthy babies.  You are not alone on this planet to face the adverse medical condition.

  • Empower yourself with knowledge

“Knowledge is Power”, said Sir Francis Bacon, a renowned Barrister of his era. Focus on educating yourself on your infertility in a logical and well-reasoning manner. This way you will be able to combat your self-pity.

The more knowledge you gather about your condition, the lesser will be your travails. Always remember, no one else will care about you as much as you can or the treating doctor.

  • Support from our specialists

Our specialists will hear you patiently about the problems you are facing in having a child and prescribe only wanted tests to diagnose the exact problem and therapies needed, if any. Your own education will help in fast decision-making for quicker results. The specialists at the New Life India Clinic provide not only knowledgeable support but also lend emotional and intellectual prop ups. They also provide authentic and time-tested treatment with innovative techniques.

  • God is kind and you are not (repeat) NOT undergoing His/Her Curse

Have faith in the sane saying: “God helps those who help themselves.” Like any other disease is a medical condition, so is your infertility. God neither makes anyone infertile nor want you to be infertile. Your infertility is not God’s curse or creation.

Babies are not born by praying to God alone. You need and have to act in that direction. And, in case of infertility, taking appropriate medical treatment coupled with praying will help you fulfil your desire.

Going to temple and praying will help in getting peace of mind and feeling better physically. We are not asking you demolish your faith in God’s existence. The Almighty will help you conceive if you take proper medical treatment.

  • Support from our Clinic

Staff and treating doctors at our Clinic will help you revive your faith and belief in God by providing you the best and innovative treatment procedures suiting to the requirements of your medical condition.

  • Socialize

Do not shut yourself in remorseful darkness. In this era of information, infertility is no longer a social stigma. Your friends and relatives will certainly understand. They will rather offer and lend their support.

While socializing, you will come across people having a variety of attitudes towards your medical condition. But good news is that a majority of them will have empathy with you. Do not care if someone hurts your sensibilities.

  • Support from our Clinic

Our team of specialists and the supporting staff will mingle with you to overcome your emotional stress. They will support and help you knowing that you are not alone in this odious journey and proper treatment will help you come out of the emotional stress.

  • Be blunt about your infertility

Telling about infertility will be embarrassing for you. But be honest and say upfront when your relatives and friends question “Aren’t you planning growth in your family?”

Be straight in telling them you have a medical condition that is being treated at New Life India Clinic and soon the expert doctors and their supportive staff will help me conceive. (Smile with widened lips)

If you do this diligently and with enthusiasm, this kind of candid answers will outwit the questioners and make them people behave properly. With this, you have virtually stopped them from stalking you with further questions. After all, you will be facing them again and they will be hesitant, if not frightened, to place you in embarrassing situation of answering their stupid and unreasonable questions. 

  • Support from Clinic Staff

The doctors and the supporting staff will keep you updated on the progress of your medical conditions and picking clues from them, you will be able to outfox odd questions.

  • Forgive unreasonable people

More than often people are unreasonably difficult. “Forgiveness is the attribute of strong”, said Mahatma Gandhi, the great strategist. Do not think they will learn from your magnanimity but the gesture will help you preserve your peace of mind and happiness.

Forgiving should not make you submissive. Anyone hurting your sensibilities by words or actions should be retorted with calculated amount of anger. (Calculate your anger against the hurt feelings). Calculated anger at the right time will put them to shame and embarrass them.  

  • Support from Clinic Staff

The supportive staff has been fully trained and equipped to apprise you how to deal with the difficult and unreasonable people. Seek their help, whenever needed. They will be ready to help to help you out.

  • Where from superstitions come from?

Have you ever thought rationally why No. 13 or Black Cats should be unlucky? Ask your friend Google and it will place before you millions of reasons for these superstitious beliefs and their origin. Superstitions are old-age phenomenon and continue to be enacted, some with vested interests or some for just winning an illogical point or argument.

Fear is the primary contributory aspect for superstitious beliefs. These beliefs, in turn, will grip your mind all the time. Do not get caught in this vicious circle.

Our observation is that most often people’s attitude is contagious. You should be avoiding people who firmly believe in superstitions. Obviously, they will have low self-esteem as well. They are capable of reducing your confidence level. While tackling infertility, you need to have a super-class confidence. And, superstitious beliefs will never allow you to build that.

  • Support from New Life India Clinic

Our doctors will let you know the exact diagnosis for not conceiving that will help you bring out of the superstitious disposition.

  • Counting your blessings

Many people in this world go through much horrendous sufferings in this world than one can even imagine. Infertility does hurt but it is not a deadly disease that will kill you.

Get strong and stronger! Thank God and count your blessings! Try helping people who are not so lucky. The gesture will boost your morale and help in appreciating yourself with good deeds.

  • Support from the Clinic

The doctors and the support staff will help you and continuously encourage you to be in the best your morale and enthusiasm. After all, you are undergoing treatment and not punishment.

  • Flee out of abusive relationships

Infertility cannot be fought alone. You need full support of your spouse. If the relationship is abusive, there is no point in traversing an extensive journey. You need and deserve emotional cocoon from your spouse all through fighting infertility because of your or your partner’s medical condition.

Be on-top-of-the-world if your in-laws are helpful and understanding. If horrid, you desperately need your spouse’s help and support to safeguard you. But if he is obnoxious himself, get out of the relationship. This will help you both in maintaining good health – physically and emotionally. 

  • Support from the Clinic

The clinic is sorry for your adverse situation at home and cannot provide any remedy. While we sympathise and empathise with you and your situation, you will need parental backing or help from your friends.

  • Pampering yourself will work wonders for you

We, at the New Life India Infertility Clinic, deeply wish and want you to love and pamper yourself. You are not only undergoing physical but also mental stress as well.

Do not carry others’ problems in your mind. Let your mother and mother-in-law handle their problems of not having a grandchild. You need to become selfish to the core! You need a child to appease your motherhood, not progeny for your in-laws or parental family.

  • Support from the New Life India Fertility Clinic

Since it is an attitude to your life, the Clinic can offer you advise to change your attitude but nothing more than this.

Wishing you having a healthy baby!