POF Risk Factors & Complications

Risk factors:

  • Family History

Having a family history of premature ovarian failure places you at greater risk of developing this ailment. The studies have observed that in a family unit where the mother or the grandmother has had this medical condition, one runs a higher risk of afflicting the disease.

  • Age Factor

As your age grows, you have a higher risk of developing premature ovarian failure. Some studies have shown that while the incidence of the disease is 1 among 1000 in women at the age of 20, the number goes up to 4 among 1000 women at the age of 35. This number further goes up to 10 among 1000 women at the age of 40. This means that between the age of 35 and 40 or above, you run a higher risk of getting afflicted with premature ovarian failure.

  • Pituitary Gland Disorder

In fact, any kind of pituitary gland disorder may cause premature ovarian failure in you, especially hypo-secretion condition of the gland. Hypo-secretion condition of the gland is when your pituitary gland secretes too little hormones in the body because of a large pituitary tumor. The tumor interferes with the gland’s ability to secrete essential hormones, like:

These hormones in right quantity are needed for the smooth functioning of the organs. The hypo-secretion condition may also result from radiation therapy of a tumor or its surgery.

Other reasons for the pituitary gland disorder are:

  • Certain kind of injuries & medications
  • Bleeding inside or close by pituitary
  • After effects of major head trauma


Premature Ovarian Failure may place you at risk for many health problems.  Some of these may occur over a period of time and are considered grave.

Let us discuss these possible complications you may be placed in if you are suffering from Premature Ovarian Failure:

The condition may place you in a situation when you are unable to achieve pregnancy.  And, that can be emotionally frustrating for you.  But in some rare cases, women do get pregnant and give birth to a baby.

  • Osteoporosis

Women facing Premature Ovarian Failure may produce lesser amounts of estrogen hormone that helps in maintaining strong bones. In fact, lesser amount of estrogen production increases the risk of developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is, actually, the loss of strength and solidity of the bones. The condition causes your bones to become weak and fragile.

  • Depression or anxiety

This is one of the major risks of infertility, besides other health complications, coming up from lesser estrogen levels may cause depression and anxiety in women.

  • Low Thyroid Function

Women facing Premature Ovarian Failure are at increased risk of low thyroid function. This may harm the normal working of your body and weakens your energy level. Replacement of the thyroid is advised for treating the disease.

  • Addison Disease

Women having POF suffer a greater risk of getting a life-threatening disease known as Addison’s disease. This disease is a disorder that happens when your body produces inadequate quantities of some hormones produced by the adrenal glands. In this disease, your adrenal glands generate a lesser amount of Cortisol and inadequate levels of Aldosterone.

The Addison disease makes it difficult for your body to harder for the body to cope with physical stress, like an injury or any other ailment. If left untreated, this can prove to be too dangerous.

  • Heart problems

Women with POF also run a higher risk of getting heart-related problems.

How to cope with these complications?

  •  You are advised to take enough amount of Calcium and Vitamin D
  • You should indulge in workouts on a routine basis
  • You may consult your doctors about getting hormonal replacement therapy
  • You should be keeping a balanced and healthy body weight
  • You are advised to involving yourself in weight-bearing physical activities.
  • Never indulge in the immoderate alcohol consumption and if you happen to be a smoker, quitting smoking is strongly advised.

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