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Afflicted with PCOS? You are, of course, not alone!

Nearly 1 out of 10 females are affected by the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is caused by a hormonal disorder. It may affect your fertility also – sometimes a little less and, at times, quite a lot.  Weight issues, menstrual issues and long-term health problems are quite common causes. Moreover,  if you are afflicted with PCOS, not all the pregnancies are smooth and easy.

Here is good news for you! PCOS is not only manageable but also treatable. It takes an element of discipline and perseverance to fight the syndrome for improving your chances of attaining pregnancy successfully. In this direction, we have done our homework. We have not only looked into the research but also spoken to PCOS patients.

And, here we come up with some great ways that may help the PCOS afflicted females in boosting their fertility.

  1. Lessen your weight – just watching it doesn’t help

Enlarged ovaries and multiple ovarian cysts are the main distinctiveness of PCOS. Another is weight gain. Keep these extra pounds at bay by working hard. With a modest fall in your BMI may improve y our overall health and fertility, mainly by decreasing your androgen levels and insulin. You don’t need to aim high – losing just half-a-pound is absolutely achievable.

  1. Follow not just a diet – but a nutritious diet

Okay, you may have already heard it that the nutrition is of paramount importance. Females afflicted with PCOS have a tendency of gaining weight very fast. Hence, a first class nutrition regime is important. That holds true for an IVF diet too.  See your dietician. Decrease the intake of Carbohydrates and eat low-GL (Glycaemic Load) food it ems. Wave goodbye to canned fruit juice and cakes. Instead eat vegetables, fresh fruits having plentiful of fibre. Opt for lean meat. Decrease fatty foods intake and say “bye” to sugary soft drinks. Your dietician may draw up an eating plan.  Follow it strictly.

  1. Exercise – a great diet is good but not enough

Exercising is necessary for decreasing insulin resistance and sugar levels. Your low-carbohydrate and low-GL, diet regime will not be able help you on its own. Walking briskly without fail for 30 minutes each day will do all the wonders. And, the new diet regime will help you in weight reduction effectively, but steadily. You may begin ovulating regularly faster than you believe.

  1. PCOS medicines

PCOS afflicted females may get acne.For fighting it, you may buy benzoyl peroxide from a pharmaceutical store. You may ask your doctor to prescribe you antibiotics, if the medicine does not work. If the acne issue becomes too acute, your doctor may prescribe you Metformin, which helps in lowering testosterone and insulin levels. That means that you start menstruating regularly; your ovaries begin functioning properly and the egg growth improves. As per the recent NHS guidelines, you may take Clomiphene (Clomid) simultaneously with Metformin.  Both help in boosting pregnancy rates.

  1. Birth-control pills – a grand way for getting pregnant?

If  you are afflicted with PCOS, birth-controlling pills (BCPs) may help you in controlling pattern of your menstrual cycle. These ought to be combined (monophasic) pills. But here is a catch. Think about taking these as an introduction leading to pregnancy. Apparently, you will require stopping to use them for initiating your menstrual cycle. And, you may be lucky enough and attain a pregnancy in the subsequent month. In case you are going for an IVF, you may be placed on BCPs for controlling and timing your menstrual bleeding prior to starting the FSH medicines. BCPs & pregnancy? The two opposites may, in fact, attract.

  1. IVF – the ultimate weapon

PCOS afflicted persons who have tried medicines, reduced weight, improved their facial appearance and managed excessive hair growth on their bodies, but still not been able to achieve pregnancy, should think of undergoing IVF procedural treatment. Your medicines and protocol may carefully assess your PCOS and the higher risk of your Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). That may mean that the procedure for freezing embryos and their transfer later after a couple of months – a sensible answer for avoiding OHSS.

The thought behind this IVF route: The eggs you may be producing are of poor quality.  IVF generates several of them. The IVF clinic may maneuver the extra ones to turn them into better quality eggs. IVF also restricts the risks of  giving multiple births linked with fertility treatments, for instance Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and Clomid, for PCOS afflicted females.

  1. Reflexology – PCOS’s secret? 

Substitute cures for PCOS are not worth attempting, although they are found to be cheap, free from steroids and usually safe.

Reflexology might be the solution for the PCOS afflicted females. Its trials are being explored weighing its benefits in the United States and the UK. As of now, several patients have reported regular menstruations/periods and a sense of relief. Is it a placebo effect?  You do not need to wait for the research to be completed.  You may try using this, and see the results yourself.

  1. Surgery – keep the testosterone away

Another choice for PCOS afflicted females, who has reduced weight and has had IVF failure, is the surgery. It may sound harsh, but listen me out. Ovarian drilling using laser is a laparoscopic method. With this, the testosterone generating tissues get destroyed in your ovaries. The lesser levels of testosterone, the better the fertility health: regulated periods and egg production. It is a latest method and has helped several females. You may consult your doctor.

  1. Keeping stress at bay

There is no denying that stress sucks all your energies. Persons having fertility issues, including PCOS afflicted, may rightfully feel depressed, frustrated and angry, though it complicates the issues. Lower levels of stress may help you in controlling the PCOS symptoms. So, try brisk walking, have a body massage and participate in runs and re-runs madly. And, you will see all the difference they make.

  1. Seeking help in Counseling

While embarking on an IVF journey, the fertility counseling does help. We strongly recommend it facing such a situation. Be it a PCOS or any other fertility issue, counseling will certainly help a depressed mind. It is worth trying as it may give you some solace and the right direction.

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