Knowing ovulation and How to get pregnant faster

For getting pregnant faster, you are expected to indulge in copulation thrice a week.

Indulging is sex regularly is the best way for attaining pregnancy faster. Couples generally involve themselves timing for ovulation but often do not indulge in sex around the ovulation time.

It is true that not having sex around the ovulation time will certainly not result in pregnancy. However, just because females do not always ovulate when they assume that they will be, indulging in sex thrice a week is usually recommended to make up for her bases, meaning that they should not miss the opportunity for getting pregnant.

Using fertility monitor or Ovulation Predicting Kit (OPK)

Fertility monitors, like Clear Blue Easy, are a good investment, in case you want to attain pregnancy faster.  They are similar to OPKs (Ovulation Prediction Kits), which not only read the changes in LH levels but also observe other hormonal changes so that the couples do not rely on mere guesswork.  Such fertility monitors are easy to use and provide you the best timing for indulging in sex for attaining pregnancy.

Ovulations predicting Kits (OPKs), available in pharmaceutical stores, are meant to predict your ovulation timing that is important for getting pregnant. For several females, calendar charting and other procedures of predicting ovulation are too confusing. OPKs predict ovulation as the levels of LH rise just before the ovulation. They are comparatively easier to use and usually predict ovulation accurately.

For getting pregnant faster, indulge in sex prior to ovulation, not after

Couples are often confused about the best timing for indulging in sex with regard to ovulation. The nature provides you a small window every month for getting pregnant.  After a female ovulates, the egg can survive nearly 24 hours, whereas the sperm have the ability to live in a female body for approximately 3 to 5 days. This is the reason why indulging in sex 2 or 3 days prior to ovulation may brighten your opportunity of attaining pregnancy. You don’t have to wait until the ovulation day for indulging in sex for attaining faster pregnancy. The sperm in the semen ejaculated by your partner in your vagina live longer than the egg ovulated by you.  Hence, you should not be missing any chance just by waiting for the ovulation day.

Is predicting ovulation by calendar method reliable?

Several couples may have heard of indulging in sex on the 14th Day of the female’s menstrual cycle. This theory may have emerged on the assumption that mostly women have 28-Day menstrual cycle and the ovulation happens in the middle of their periods. Though it is better than just picking a day arbitrarily yet it is not the correct manner of predicting the ovulation day. Females do not always ovulate on the 14th Day.  The ovulation in females depends on many factors like the pattern of days during your periods.  Ovulation predicting Kits and watching for signs of ovulation are more dependable rather than choosing a random date or the 14th Day for indulging in copulation.

Fertility charting alone for predicting ovulation can’t be relied upon

Fertility charting is a good way of tracking your periods for ovulation, but it has several disadvantages too. By the time you notice ovulation on a BBT charting, you may have already ovulated. It is advantageous to track your periods for ovulation through BBT charting so that you can look back on the previous cycles for ovulation every month and see that the timing of ovulation is right. But in case it is your first cycle you are attempting to attain pregnancy in or your ovulation is happening at the same time every month, an Ovulation Predicting SKit is deemed to be more helpful.

See your doctor before attempting to attain pregnancy

Ensure that you are keeping good health and are undergoing regular examination by your health provider or OBGYN. At times, untreated infections, like Chlamydia or Gonorrhea or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) or overall poor health may affect your chances of attaining pregnancy. It is certainly a good idea to consult a doctor and begin taking pre-natal vitamins before attempting a pregnancy.

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