IVF Treatment Overview

Best IVF (in vitro fertilization)  Treatment  is one of the most common forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART. It is the only acceptable treatment in case the female partner’s fallopian tubes are damaged or the male partner’s  sperm quality is poor. It is considered as the most effective treatment for almost all types of infertility. The eggs are fertilized in the laboratory that results in forming embryos and are placed into the uterus after 2 to 5 days.

The IVF procedure of external fertilization has achieved pregnancies in women suffering from hopelessly damaged fallopian tubes. The seemingly sterile husbands and the ones with “unexplained” infertility have been able to achieve pregnancy through IVF Treatment. Issues related to the husband’s sperm can be easily conquered as this procedure can fertilize the eggs with ICSI.

As a matter of fact, we in our IVF programs, routinely use ICSI to guarantee against any risk related to failed fertilization. The IVF pregnancy rate we have achieved till now is over 50% per attempt. We accept all difficult cases, regardless of diagnosis. The extra embryos, thus formed, during the fertilization are cryopreserved and stored for later use. It makes the future pregnancy much less expensive.

Embryo transfer with Embryo Glue

Transfer of the frozen embryo is considered as one of the most important part of the best  IVF treatment. The medium that is required to transfer the embryo is the embryo glue. Well, it is actually not glue. It is an adhesive-like matter that keeps the embryo safe at the time of transfer. The glue acts as a ‘bridge’ as it remains in between the embryo and the uterus. Introduction of this new substance has successfully proven to increase the scopes of embryo implantation into the uterus.

How Does IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Work?

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Eggs are retrieved from the female partner’s body by ultrasound guided needle aspiration, executed under light sedation. This procedure is performing in the operating room, which involves no surgical incision. There is virtually no pain afterward to the patient. She can leave the hospital directly after the operation with no pain. She has to visit again after three days to have the fertilized embryo (or embryos) placed into her uterus through the cervix by the help of a tiny catheter. No incision or anaesthetic is require in this procedure. The patient is absolutely able to go home in an hour of the procedure.

Next, the woman goes through hormonal injections and ultrasound monitoring of her ovaries in order to retrieve multiple high-quality eggs. Her blood tests are regularly done to check the hormone levels till she is ready for her egg retrieval.

This can be very intimidating for a couple at the beginning, but we are there to support throughout the procedure and guide you through this. There are many ways of hormonal stimulation in IVF, like conventional stimulation, minimal stimulation or mini-IVF.

IVF Success Rate     

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While considering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the foremost thing that comes to couple’s mind is the success rate of this medical application. This era is know as the era of information that gives you all the data and statistics you require for your research work. You can get the success rates of various Best  IVF clinics, including ours, in order to form an opinion.


The common perception of people about IVF is that this is a risky, time consuming and expensive affair. On the contrary, this medical application has given the maximum successful pregnancies to the world. This procedure is followed worldwide to achieve pregnancy. It offers infertile couples to be pregnant naturally. A woman has greater chances of pregnancy with Best IVF treatment than any other infertility treatment.

Apart from clinical diagnosis, the success of IVF procedure is vastly depended on factors like age, height, body mass index (BMI), weight, ovarian reserve tests, reproductive history, the number of previous pregnancies, cases of miscarriages, and quality of sperm along with its count.

Fertility and ovulation

Fertility has a direct relationship with ovulation.  The most fertile days of a woman are the two or three days before she ovulates. That suggests that if the woman establishes intimate copulation with her partner in these two or three days before her ovulation, the chances of her getting pregnant increases.

Ovulation problems

Ovulation problems occur in a woman when her ovaries fail to develop a mature egg. This syndrome is also known as anovulation. The ovaries are not able to release the oocyte in such cases. Chronic anovulation is one of the major cause of infertility in woman. It, however, does not mean that the woman is going through menopause.

Egg collection for IVF

The reproductive organs of the female are stimulate by the application of medications in order to get enough eggs to carry out in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. This Procedure is done by using the one of many IVF stimulus protocols that help in developing multiple follicles and eggs. These medicinal injection can be given by the woman herself. Her spouse or partner can also help her in this.

The doctor prepares a tentative Best IVF calendar that shows the followings:

  1. Stimulus shots will be given.
  2. The egg retrieval procedure has to be carried out.
  3. The embryo transfer process has to be done.

Assisted Hatching

Once the egg is fertilized in the laboratory, the division of cell begins. In this initial phases of growth, the formed embryo is kept enclosed in a protein layer, known as the zona pellucida. Assisted hatching is a recently introduced laboratory procedure used by fertility experts to increase the chances of implantation during the IVF procedure. Best IVF Treatment & Clinic In Delhi NCR

With the introduction of assisted hatching, the embryologists have been able to utilize the micro manipulation with the help of a microscope. This has done to create a small opening in the zona pellucid, usually on the 4th day of the embryo implantation. Later, the embryo gets divide into 6 to 8 cells on an average.

IVF is a developing subject. A lot of research and development work is continuously happening on this field. The issue of infertility and childlessness has been adequately controlled by the application of Best IVF treatment & Clinic in Delhi. The procedure is legal in all the nations across the globe. Though some consider that is a time-consuming procedure, but, no good job can be accomplish without being patient.
Contact us to know about the probability and possibility of IVF center in delhi procedure in your infertility treatment. Know the subject better to gain maximum benefit out of it and raise your healthy child.