Parents first send an enquiry to us; thereby providing information about specific requirements they have, as well as the dates they are willing to participate in the program.
Once the dates are negotiated, parents begin the donor selection process. In order to select a suitable egg donor, parents must visit our clinic to know the details and the selection criteria of choosing Egg Donor. After that, parents can easily review their medical history, previous donation history, current occupation, education, and so on. The questionnaires are very informative. However, we always encourage the parents to ask for any additional information available about the donor to help them make their final decision.

After that, parents send us copies of their any ID proof, it can be passports or any other ID proof and we then sign the contract. The contract can be exchanged electronically first, and later on they will bring the original hard copies to us. Parents make the first payment according to the invoices we Give. After receiving payment we do a full screening of the egg donor and make sure we are ready to begin preparations. The IVF procedure then takes place on the assigned dates; consequently, parents need to be present for around 5 days, as it is difficult to determine in advance what the exact dates of egg retrieval will be.

The next step is egg retrieval and fertilization, after which the embryos are transferred to the surrogate mother. It is common practice to transfer day three embryos. However, day five blastocyst embryo transfers can be done upon the parents’ request.

Initial pregnancy confirmation; HCG tests are done on 15 day after the embryo transfer. Parents will receive the test results on the very next day. If the relevant level of HCG is confirmed by the first test we repeat the process two days after to finally confirm the pregnancy. One month after embryo transfer the first ultrasound is done.