While having surrogacy program with us parents have two options. The intended mother can either get stimulated in their home town  IVF clinic and come to our clinic on day 8-9 of stimulation and have the egg retrieval done in our clinic or alternatively they can be completely stimulated in our Clinic under our IVF expert. In first scenario this for them who are not from New Delhi and need to come from far away places. Then  parents need to calculate their staying in Delhi for around 6 days. While if they are stimulate in Delhi in our Clinic. They should calculate around 15 to17 days to have the full procedure done with us. In both of the cases our IVF doctor need to have the complete screening of the parents and approve them for participation in the program.

After sending us the full screening parents need to come to our clinic to sign the surrogacy contract. The contract can be exchange electronically at first and later they can bring the hard original copies along with them. Parents make a first payment according to the invoices we give. After receiving the payment we make sure we are ready to start the preparation.

Intended Mother’s preparation will be synchronize to the surrogate mothers preparation. When the Intended Mother is prepared with their town IVF doctor, during the preparation we need to have the stimulation updates of day 5 and day 8 with full report of how many follicles are in each ovary and what are the sizes of the follicles. On day 9 we need them to be present in our IVF clinic and the IVF doctor will decide the final trigger injection timing and the will set the egg retrieval date and timing.