Questions about Semen & Sperm

What Gender is of sperm?

Sperm do not have a gender by themselves, but they decide the gender of your baby.

Father’s sperm have either an X or Y chromosome and their numbers in the semen are about the same. The sperm that carrying the Y chromosome are able to swim slightly faster than the X-carrying ones. But if you require changing the baby’s gender to beat the 50:50 probabilities, you will need a sound technology, which may cost you heavily.

How long sperm can survive after ejaculation from the penis?

Sperm can survive for 2 to 5 days if the semen is ejaculated into the vagina of a female body. But outside the body, they die very quickly.  So, you do not have to worry about the dried semen on bed sheets, panty or any other cloth. Chlorine and heat will kill them.

How do I generate more sperm in my semen?

For increasing the production of more sperm, you are required to indulge in physical activities like joining a league sport. According to a study, the college going young men, who worked out nearly 15 hours in a week had about 70 percent more sperm than those young males who did not exercise at all. But then the choice of your work outs matters: Excessive cycling may affect the sperm quality.

Mostly, what is semen?

Semen contains water, mostly. Sperm are only 5 percent or lesser part of it. Apart from these, it contains protein, amino acids, sugar and minerals for nourishing the baby-producing swimmers (sperm).

Does an orgasm mean I will be able to see semen?

In case, nothing comes out of the penis on reaching orgasm, semen may be draining into your bladder. It is not considered dangerous. But if you are looking forward to fathering a child, you must consult a fertility expert or a urologist.

How many ejaculations are required for getting a cup of semen?

Usually men generate nearly ¾ of a spoonful semen in one ejaculation, less than a usual dose of cough syrup. A well hydrated young man who has not ejaculated for a long time is likely to generate more.

Is the semen having glowing effect in the dark?

No, semen does not glow in the dark. But like other body fluids with protein — such as blood, sweat, saliva, and urine – semen reflects “black” or ultraviolet light in a manner we can see. That is why, during the World War I, the British secret agents used semen as invisible ink. These days, crime detection technocrats and agencies apply different forms of light for detecting or collecting “biologic” proofs, including that of semen.

Is Semen a good skin moisturizer?

Despite the traditional belief, there is no proof that semen works as a good moisturizer. And in some rare cases, it may harm rather than doing any good. Though rarely, the protein content available in the semen may cause allergic reactions giving rise to swelling, burning, itching and pain. As the precise composition of semen varies from one person to another and one time to another, allergic reactions may come up even with a longtime associate.

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