Herbert And Dana are blessed with a princess. They have written a letter to Dr Deeksha Tyagi conveying their gratitude for her compassionate treatment. The letter speaks for itself.


Herbert And Dana from Australia are blessed with a baby princess. In this scanned document, both are thanking New Life India Clinic staff profusely for their consistent support.


Thank you Dr Deeksha for filling our incomplete life with happiness.Thanks a ton to you and your team from the bottom of our heart. It’s a baby girl.

– Asha and Aman

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18/06/2016, 08:39 - ‪+91 97174 22347‬: Deeksha Madam..... m deepa siva prasad..... had ivf from new life in october and shifted to kerala in december....hope u remember me..... happy to inform you that we are blessed with a sweet baby boy yesterday morning... baby is still in NICU for general observation..... will share his photo as soon as he is shifted to the ward..... thanks a lot madam....

Thank you card received from a patient

Thank you card received from a patient

Thank you card received from a patient

Thank you card received from a patient

Thank you card received from a patient

Thank you card received from a patient

Thank you card by a patient

Thank you Card from a patient

Thank you Card received from a patient

Thank you Card received from a patient

Thank you Card from a couple undergone infertility treatment

Thank you Card from a couple undergone infertility treatment

Thank you card from a Patient

Thank you card from a Patient

From: drarindam1@rediffmail.com

To: “Dr deeksha tyagi” <deekshatyagi@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Thanks
Reply-To: drarindam1@rediffmail.com

Dear Madam,

I take this opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude to you and your team. Thanks a lot mam. Words are inadequate to explain how we feel at this point and time. We pray to god that he gives you more power, health and happiness so that you can keep doing this noble work that you do – that of bringing smiles to thousands of people across the world who desire to become a mother or father just like the both of us. However, like you always say, this is the first step and we will pray and fight along with you for the next nine months till our wish is finally fulfilled. Thanks once again mam for being the angel in our lives. May god bless you.


From: Sweta Param <55melrose@gmail.com>
Date: 29 February 2016 at 6:06:04 AM IST
To: Deeksha Tyagi <deekshatyagi@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Fwd: Exit Visa Status

Hi Dr. Deeksha Tyagi,

Hope you are doing well,
We reached back in US safely, Aadhaya is doing well.

Just want to thank you for everything, You and your team did a great job in making the entire process so smooth.

As discussed, we have at least 4 embryos stored, which we plan to use sometime end of this year. We plan to come sometime in November 2016. I will update you few months before.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or concern,

Thanks again

Sweta , Aadhaya & Param Kapoor

From: Dana <allexiah@yahoo.com>
Date: 23 February 2016 at 5:53:07 PM IST
To: Deeksha Tyagi <deekshatyagi@yahoo.co.in>, “sonia@newlifeindia.com” <sonia@newlifeindia.com>
Subject: 1 years old
Hi dr Deeksha, Sonia and everyone at new life. We hope you all are well. Milanniah is now 1 years old. Oh my goodness how the time flies. She is very close to walking also. And babbling like crazy. Such a beautiful girl. She had a great birthday which consisted of a few days of celebration and fun things. Which included aqwa underwater world, fancy Chinese dinner (she loves Asian food) and a cake smash. Here’s a few pictures. image1

Much love and blessings.

Dena. Xxx

From: nekayialu <nekayialu@yahoo.com>

To: Deeksha Tyagi <deekshatyagi@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Re

Hi ma,
I’ve been meaning to call but it is always either too early in India or too late when I want to call.
We welcomed out baby boy two weeks ago. We are no longer living in Delhi but I will be sure to come see you with him whenever we come to Delhi.
Thank you so much for your help and encouragement while we were trying to conceive especially when I was ready to give up. I will still call you and send pictures of him.
From: Santosh Kumar <santoshtrips@gmail.com>
Date: 12 June 2016 at 6:47:33 PM IST
To: Deeksha Tyagi <deekshatyagi@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: PREETI TRIPATHY & SANTOSH blessed with twin baby boy
            Dear mam,
 This is to inform you that we are blessed with twin baby boy in march this year. (sorry for a bit late, informing you).
we & the whole family, thank you from bottom of our heart for your guidance and treatment that we undergo to get the blessed god’s gift.
both kids are doing well and have kept everyone on toe.
sending you the photo of them attached with this mail.

hope to meet you when we will go to delhi.

Dy. Manager
Bokaro Steel Plant
Mo. 8986870891
From: meskeremy1@gmail.com
Date: 3 May 2016 at 11:41:47 PM IST
To: Deeksha Tyagi <deekshatyagi@yahoo.co.in>, Gargi Avasthy <gargi@newlifeindia.com>
Subject: HiHi every oneI reached home in Ethiopia safe and, now,I am ok. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for extending me your support except thanking you.Thank u for everything and I miss your lovely staff. May God always be with u guys.Convey my regards to al the staff and I will keep in touchRegards


Dear Sonia,



How are you?
We are all well.
Eviana has started daycare 3 weeks ago and of course has fallen sick… gastro, cold etc. Nothing serious..thank God.
She’s adapting well but she and I are both suffering from separation anxiety.
I guess it is normal after we were with each other 24/7 and now I’m back at work.

She has grown so much in the past 12 months. She now weighs 11.5 kg and is 78cm in height.
She’s a very cute and smart baby. She talks a lot. She repeats everything you tell her. She makes the sounds of most animals, cat,dog, sheep, lion horse….

She’s a very happy,  playful and active baby. She’s walking but not yet on her own. She holds on to one of our fingers and runs all over.

On June 3rd, we had her first birthday at our place. All the decorations were based on her invitation which was Minnie Mouse. I managed to do her cake even with her around which was a huge challenge.

Here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy them:

You are always on our minds and in our hearts.

We miss you and love you,

Adele, Eddy and Eviana