In this technology driven world there is an answer to all the tough notches that we humans face. One of the most recurring dilemma is that of infertility. When a couple first gets to know about this there is a lot of psychological and emotional trauma involved in accepting this reality. This is where science spreads its wings by coming out with treatments like In vitro fertilization (IVF), giving hope and support to millions of couples worldwide.

While weighing all the options of fertility an infertile patient may experience feelings of sadness, remorse, guilt and may even start doubting their self- worth. The society that we live in is partly responsible for this unwanted feeling of shame stemmed in patients, they are worried of what the society would think. But one needs to understand that they are not going through other options of conceiving for the society but for their own happiness. These procedures like IVF, surrogacy etc. are now common, trust worthy and are highly successful. A patient also lives in constant fear of the future, they are scared over the slightest of problems that occur during these processes. They think that they have invested all their hope and money in order to have a baby and cannot afford for anything to go wrong. Here, patience is the key to ensure success in the future, these procedures do not show results in a day. They should keep in mind that they have invested their money for a larger cause and it will one day reap amazing benefits. Sometimes one also has to endure failure during the treatment but that does not mean the end of all expectations, everything takes time; after all miracles don’t happen in a day. A patient should not let such negative thought cross their mind, a healthy mind and heart is very important to ensure positive physical changes, they should realize that taking care of mental disruptions during this time is equally important.

Infertility Management should not only be a way to conceive but also a way for a patient to emerge as a better human being. For this, psychologists combine therapy with the education about it, coming to the conclusion that biological factors are responsible for this on a large extent. As not every patient can afford classes for the psychological consequences of infertility there should be complementary guidance given by the doctors who take care of the health of the patient. It is very important for the patients to be psychologically ready for this treatment, so they should take a deep breath, calm down and hope for the best results. Psychologists and infertility doctors all over the world are helping people to relax while taking fertility decisions. They cannot have all their eggs in one single basket but one can always try, so that infertility can be looked upon as a safe and secure phenomena.

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