Endometriosis prevention and diagnosis

How to prevent Endometriosis

Preventing Endometriosis is not possible but, yes, you can make an effort to reduce the chances of developing it.  Since estrogen assists in thickening of the lining of your uterus during your menstrual cycle, it would be advisable to keep a check on this.  In doing so:

  • If you have been using hormonal birth control methods – pills, patches or rings, you should be talking to your doctor to prescribe such medicines that have a lower amount of estrogen.
  • Plan your weekly workout. It should not be of less than 4-hours-a-week. Exercising regularly helps in lowering body fat. That, in turn, helps in reducing the estrogen amount in your body.
  • It would be better to say ‘no’ to drinking alcohol. But if you cannot give up for some reasons, limit yourself to only one drink. Alcohol has the tendency to raise your estrogen level.
  • As does Alcohol, caffeinated drinks also tend to increase your estrogen level. Limit drinking caffeinated drinks to only once-in-a-day, especially sodas and green tea.

Endometriosis diagnosis?

In case of ever feeling any of the Endometriosis symptoms, it is always good to consult your doctor.  The doctor, in turn, will have a detailed conversation with you to know more about your symptoms.  Once assured on the symptoms, she or he may prescribe one of the following examinations for you to know exactly if you have Endometriosis or not:

  • Pelvic examination:

The pelvic examination is performed to know if there are large cysts or scars behind your uterus.   This is done by feeling the suspect areas.  Since smaller areas are hard to feel, the identification by feeling is done to examine only large cysts or scars.

  • Ultrasound or MRI:

An ultrasound is generally performed to verify cysts in your ovaries developed from Endometriosis. In this test, high-frequency waves are used for generating images of the inner parts of your body.

A wand-shaped scanning apparatus called a transducer is either pressed against your abdominal skin or inserted into your vagina to take pictures of your reproductive system. The ultrasonic imaging may not give a certain result of having Endometriosis, but it does help in identifying cysts linked to Endometriosis. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is yet another such imaging test to take a full view of the inside of your body to detect any kind of abnormality.

  • Medicines:

In case of your doctor not finding any signs of ovarian cysts during your ultrasonic or MRI imaging detection process, she or he may prefer prescribing some of the medicines.

The doctor may try to control or lessening your pelvic pain during your periods by giving hormonal birth control medicines such as:

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (Gn-RH) Agonists not only help in blocking the menstrual cycle  or periods but also lower the estrogen amount circulating in your body. They also provide relief in your pelvic pain.

In case your pain begins subsiding with hormonal medicines, there is a greater likelihood of you suffering from Endometriosis.  These kind of medicines containing hormones provide you relief  temporarily and certainly are not a cure. As long as you take them, you will get relief, but if you stop taking these medicines, your pain will come back to you.

  • Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is generally used as a last resort to detect Endometriosis. In fact, it is the only way out for making certain in case of your having Endometriosis. It is a surgical procedure. You are given general anesthesia and your surgeon performs a small slit around your navel area to insert a slender device called  a laparoscope.  The entire purpose for doing this is to look for endometrial tissue outside your womb.  Sometimes, a biopsy is taken for microscopic examination.

The laparoscopic examination provides you the entire information about the endometrial implants such as location, degree and size of such cells.

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