Ovarian Drilling

In case you are identified having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), you are perhaps well aware of the fertility issues.  For achieving a pregnancy (conception), you may have attempted to lose some weight or taken fertility drugs. But in case these curing methods have not yielded any workable solution, you may be confronted with a dilemma as to what next?  Perhaps, your doctor may suggest you to go in for ovarian drilling.

Ovarian drilling treatment for PCOS

With Polycystic ovary syndrome, your body may begin producing more insulin and testosterone than it ought to, rendering you infertile. Higher levels of testosterone may result in irregular periods, block ovulation and hamper pregnancy. The PCOS treatments with ovarian drilling may help you get pregnant by correcting your hormone levels, menstrual cycles and perking up your ovulation.

How ovarian drilling works?

The expression ovarian drilling sounds dreading, but practically it is minimally invasive and simpler than it sounds. It’s a procedure performed with the help of laparoscopy by giving general anesthesia. The surgical operation is generally performed at a hospital or a Clinic without being admitted as the required recovery time is lowest.

  • The operating surgeon will make a tiny cut in your abdomen just below the naval area.
  • Afterwards, a tube will get inserted through this cut in your abdomen for filling the abdomen with carbon dioxide. Your abdomen gets swelled that helps in averting any possible harm to your interior organs.
  • A laparoscope fitted with a tiny camera is introduced into your abdomen so that the operating doctor is able to see your interior organs, especially your ovaries. Conducted by the camera, the operating doctor introduces special instruments and passes an electric current for making tiny holes in your ovaries.
    The females having PCOS have the tendency of developing their ovaries with the substantial external surface. That thick surface, in fact, causes issues in achieving pregnancy.
  • With ovarian drilling the outer thick layer of your ovaries is smashed and a part of is also destroyed. This helps in boosting fertility.  After the procedure, the production of testosterone declines and the females begin ovulating regularly.

Ovarian drilling for me?

As your menstrual cycle become regular after the ovarian drilling procedure, your chances of achieving pregnancy also brighten. Nearly 50% of the females, who undergo ovarian drilling, achieve pregnancy within one year after undergoing drilling.

Even if your menstruations do not show any regularity after undergoing ovarian drilling, there are pretty good chances of your achieving pregnancy with the aid of fertility drugs.

For some females, the advantages drawn from the ovarian drilling procedure are ephemeral and the symptoms of PCOS and the fertility issues may come back over a period of time and your periods may get irregular again.

How safe is ovarian drilling?

There are certain risks linked to the ovarian drilling, such as:

  • As in most of the surgeries, the females run the least risk of developing infection and bleeding.
  • As the procedure is performed by giving anesthesia, the risks related to anesthesia cannot be set aside.
  • The instruments utilized in the procedure may do harm to your interior organs.
  • The treating doctor may inadvertently pierce too much of your ovaries. And, your egg supply from the ovaries may weaken much before at an early age. This means you attain menopause prematurely.
  • The scar tissues (adhesions) may develop between the Fallopian tubes and your ovaries, creating more difficulties in achieving pregnancy after the procedure.

Because of these reasons, the ovarian drilling is recommended in females confronting fertility issues because of PCOS. Ovarian drilling is also recommended in women having PCOS, whose infertility problems remain unresolved with other treatment methods.

Comparing the benefits and risks of Ovarian Drilling

The aforementioned risks may frighten you and you may wonder whether undergoing ovarian drilling procedure is worth undergoing?

What if your periods get regular for a certain period of time? It is in your interests to seek the advice of your doctor to ascertain whether you should undergo ovarian drilling. Even by regulating your periods for a short period of time, ovarian drilling may open up an opportunity for you to get pregnant, which was not earlier available to you. Good luck!

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