Ovulation Symptoms- Top signs of High Fertility

As a female ovulateshormonal changes occur indicating various physical symptoms. By watching these body changes carefully, you can very well tell as you reach the peak of fertility near ovulation. You may skip the expensive and complicated techniques for anticipating ovulation and try using your body’s natural signals for identifying when you will be most fertile. They are:

 White Cervical Mucous

A female’s reproductive system organizes itself for ovulation by generating an ideal cervical fluid for facilitating the sperm journey towards egg.  Before the ovulation your cervical fluid is thick, sticky or tacky.  This kind of fluid is unfriendly for the sperm as they, in essence, get stuck in the dense fluid and are unable to move towards the egg freely.  Egg-white mucus is thin, pliable and appears like the white portion of an egg hatched by a hen.  This kind of mucus facilitates the sperm to move smoothly through the vagina right up to the egg waiting in one of the Fallopian tubes. Researchers believe that this kind of mucus is the best pointer of high fertility.

Feeling Wetter

As the ovulation approaches, the cervical fluid not only becomes thinner and more pliable but also becomes plentiful. A female may not know in case her cervical mucus has become the right kind of mucus but by observing her body carefully and how she feels, she will know. As a female’s fertility reaches a high, she feels wetter and her vagina becomes and feels more lubricated while copulating. This vaginal lubrication is different from the arousal fluid a female generates. Around the ovulation time, she may feel wetter all through the day and not just during the intercourse.

Breast Tenderness

Soon after the ovulation, there is a rise in the levels of progesterone hormone. In case you are keeping a fertility chart, you may know that with the rise of progesterone, your temperature also rises somewhat immediately after the ovulation. This rise in progesterone is what causes tenderness in your breasts during ovulation.   Right about the ovulation time, some females feel breast tenderness similar to that is felt during pre-menstrual time. Some other females may not notice the breast tenderness even after the occurrence of ovulation. In either of the case, if you observe breast tenderness, you have a good chance to know that you are going to ovulate or have ovulated lately.

Cervix is High, open and soft

The location of the cervix can also indicate that you are fertile. Immediately after the periods, your cervix is low, closed and hard. Around the ovulation time, the position of your cervix goes up higher and feels spongy soft. You may also feel it more open.

For examining your cervix, ensure that your hands are sanitized.  Reach within your vagina by squatting or placing your one leg on the bath tub or the commode. You may have to go far up and sense for a bump having a small opening. You may take your own time and feel about. Soon after your periods, it is easier to locate your cervix. In similar such exercises later you will get to know when you are nearing ovulation.

Increased sex drive

In case you are feeling playful and full of energy, it may be because ovulation is going to happen in you. Females usually observe an increased sexual urge around the ovulation time. Researchers examined females and their sexual drive associated with ovulation.  They followed female’s LH levels, a key hormone, which rises prior to ovulation and increases urge for having intercourse. That means the Luteinizing hormone (LH) surge is linked with the increased sexual desire. To put it clearly and simply, whenever your sexual urge increases in between your menstrual cycle, you are about to ovulate.


Have you ever observed light spotting in the middle of your menstrual cycle? At times, the females mistake this spotting as just blood remains from the menstruation. But if it happens about the ovulation time, there is a pretty good probability of it being the ovulation spotting. Sometimes, spotting happens as the egg ruptures from the ovarian follicle at the time of ovulation. It may also occur just prior or after the ovulation because of hormonal changes. If you notice this kind of spotting, it is deemed as a symptom of high fertility.

Pain or Cramping or Pain on One Side

Nearly 20% females observe pain during the ovulation time.  This pain, known as mittelschmerz, happens about the middle of t he menstrual cycle.  It is probably caused with the breaking of egg from the follicle at the ovulation time.  Cramping may also happen as the Fallopian tube shrinks for moving down the egg from the fallopian tube into the uterus. Generally, as the female goes through mittelschmerz, she may experience cramping or pain on one side. This pain may happen during, before or after the ovulation. You perhaps cannot identify ovulation by the ovulation pain only, but in case you observe this kind of pain close to ovulation, it may signify high fertility.


Have you ever observed your clothes are becoming a little tighter or you are feeling an extra bloat in the abdominal area? It may be happening because of ovulation. Around the ovulation time, you may experience a modest bloating, similar to the one you may have experienced prior to your periods. The in hormonal changes that occur during ovulation period are perhaps the reason for this bloating.

Mild Nausea

Several females face nauseating issues prior to the beginning of their periods. This nausea is, at times, attributed to the morning sickness mistakenly. This happens as the same hormones that cause sickness in the morning also cause nausea and other pre-menstrual symptoms. Hormonal shifts during ovulation may also cause you to feel nauseous slightly.

Migraine or Headaches

Nearly 20% females confront menstrual migraines. In case you are a female, who often gets migraines or headaches around the menstruation time, there is a pretty good chance you may also observe headaches around the ovulation time. Researchers believe that the hormonal changes prompt headaches in these females.

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