It sounds pretty easy and saying: “I will get an egg donor, get pregnant and have my baby.  But do you know how many complex problems doctors and desiring parents face to find a suitable egg donor?  We, at the New Life India Fertility Clinic, wish to throw some light for your knowledge.

  1. Your own relations

Idyllically, your own sister or a close relative from your parental side and, not from your husband’s biological relative, could be the best donor. We have handled many such cases successfully at the New Life India Clinic. This kind of arrangement is super fine.

But in this modern age, families are too small and nuclear. Finding such donors becomes a daunting task for the desiring couples. Moreover, even your blood relations do not have enough time and empathy towards your emotional sensibilities or medical condition.

In case of your sister donating her egg for you, please assess the enormity of emotional bondage and understanding between you. Will she remain always silent when the child becomes older? If your conscious gets an affirmative answer and you are sure of her “generosity and sacrifice”:

“Go Ahead

Give a treat to yourself and feel on top of the world.  Do not feel sorry or remorseful for your medical condition. Love your sister in the same manner and always look forward to taking care of her smallest needs.  You are luckiest among millions of people.


If you have an iota of doubt that inter-personal relation between your sister and you may suffer a setback when ‘your’ child becomes older, DO NOT GO IN FOR THIS KIND OF ARRANGEMENT.  In contrast, anonymous donors will not cause any such problem in your future.

  1. Voluntary Donor

Talking about voluntary egg donations, eggs are donated to the needy women voluntarily without expecting any reward in return.

An unrelated voluntary donor will be the most suitable. Look around and you will find a number of women who, just out of sheer philanthropic character, may donate eggs to women going through the emotional pain of infertility.

Such voluntary egg donations need to be encouraged in the society.  Alas! Even in the developed European society,   there is acute shortage of voluntary egg donors. Some NGOs/NPCs/NFPCs are working on encouraging such donations.  But the results are not heartening, despite their extensive campaigns.

  1. Paid Donors

In India, there are no laws on egg donations at present.  But paid egg donations have not been able to gain popularity because of social and cultural reasons.

The New Life India Clinic has a special wing for egg donations where donors and recipients get unflinching medical and other essential support.  They get constant monitoring and we adhere to all the Indian Council for Medical Research guidelines for egg donations and surrogacy.  We do facilitate legalized paid egg, embryo, semen donations and surrogacy.

Paid egg donations in USA are legal. Young college girls usually earn more than US$ 6,000 for donating their eggs. But a country like the United Kingdom shuns paid egg donation and considers it illegal and unethical. Even voluntary egg donations can be done only at clinics licensed by Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

  1. Shared Eggs

Because of paucity of egg donors in the United Kingdom, a new system of Sharing Eggs with other patients developed and gained popularity.  Later, the idea of sharing eggs became attractive not only in the USA but in India also.

The concept is simple yet effective:

There are a number of young woman, who are able to produce healthy and quality eggs, but still remain infertile.  They would also need IVF or ICSI treatments. During their treatment they would produce 8 – 10 eggs and can share the extra eggs with other patients who are unable to produce eggs or the eggs are of poor quality.  The recipient woman, in return, would share a reasonable part of their IVF or ICSI treatment.

This is all done with the informed consent between the donor woman and the recipient. With this kind of understanding and arrangement, both the donors as well as the recipient, who need IVF or ICSI, get benefited.  And, that too without any extra amount of risk to the donor.

The secrecy of the donor and the recipient is kept so that they don’t come to know each other. With this technique, many young women who need monetary help for the treatment can become mothers. On the other hand, some elderly women who are not able to produce eggs can also have a child. It is a win-win arrangement and gaining popularity day-by-day.

We, at the New Life India Clinic, take up IVF and ICSI treatments as per the need of the patients.  As far as eggs are concerned, whatever arrangement suits the patients is applied.  The idea is to treat the patients and we do understand how valuable the bliss of motherhood is.

And, that is our mission and goal.

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