Infertility-related Depression

Are you surrounded by thoughts that your life is centered on infertility? Have you always been sleeping and waking up with the thoughts of attaining pregnancy? Maybe, you are experiencing anxiety or depression related to infertility.

  1. Infertility may have taken over your life

Infertility is physically and psychologically very tiring. Studies have shown that the females confronted with infertility psychologically feel as down as patients afflicted with cardiac or cancer ailments. The fertility challenged persons are prone to experiencing depression.

Undergoing emotional setback owing to infertility is quite common and it does not mean that you ignore it. There are ways to come out of depression and you should not resign to reconciling with it.

In case you are confronted with any of the following signs, you certainly require counseling.

As you go through, you may consider whether these are issues you have been struggling with. You may consider jotting them down for sharing these with your treating doctor.

After you are finished with the list, we, on behalf of the New Life India Clinic, invite you to visit our Clinic, where our doctors will help you in winning back your life from infertility.

We are pretty sure you can win and firmly believe you will certainly.

  1. Do you all day think about Infertility

You may perhaps be thinking hard, “Why are you obsessive about thinking all the time about infertility?”

Particularly amidst undergoing treatments and examinations, it is usual to have infertility in the forefront of your mind.

While preparing a basal body temperature chart to know your ovulation, you tend to always be thinking about fertility whenever you wake up.

Whenever you are getting injected or going in for an ultrasound or an X-ray, it is not surprising that your feelings are focused on the infertility treatment.

However, thinking about infertility treatment is a different feeling than thinking about the infertility issues, even when you are not going through an intensive treatment cycle.

Whenever you go out along with your friends, do you realize that your thoughts are always drifting back to your infertility issues?

Have you been struggling to know things to talk with your friends or your partner, apart from infertility?

Do you feel that whenever you attempt enjoying or concentrating on other spheres of life, infertility always sneaks in distracting your concentration?

These are problems, you need to discuss with your doctor or a therapist.

  1. Fighting the guilt

You should be clear in your mind that guilt is a feeling that is restricted to the wrongful deeds you do knowingly.

For instance, Criminals:  They are certainly guilty of committing a criminal deed.

Guilt ought not to go with a medical issue.

You may be having a guilty feeling for not beginning your family before or not finding a suitable life partner before. Or, not freezing your eggs and preserving your fertility…  Even there is no manner you would have known you would require to.

You may have a guilty feeling as you are afflicted with a sexually transmitted infection, like Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, leading to your fertility issues currently.

Guilt entails when you are aware and fully understand the wrong actions and their consequences and yet do those actions ignoring the wrongs, anyway.

We are pretty sure and willing to bet that such guilty feelings are wrong.

There are certain situations where your choice may be wrong, like in case of your fertility.  Waiting for having your children is not wrong.  And, certainly not a crime.

In case you are groping into these unnecessary thoughts and feeling extremely guilty and blaming yourself, counseling may help you in overcoming the guilt.

  1. Feeling ashamed or worthless

Have you been worrying that people after to coming to know about your fertility issue may not love you or begin loving you less?

Are you worried that your partner may abandon you because of your fertility issues?

Do you ever feel “you are defective” or “broken”?

In case your answer is in affirmative to any signs mentioned above, you are perhaps struggling to cope with emotions of shame and worthlessness.

You are permitting infertility to classify you as a person.

But you must know that your importance is more than your infertility.

  1. Do you face unrelenting emotions of sadness

Sadness is a normal result of having confronted with unfortunate events. If a treatment fails sadness and tears are usual.

But, in case…

Your sadness appears to boost your morale even rarer

You find that you have started hating sunshine

You feel that your sadness will never go

… You may be confronted with depression.

Researchers believe that couples facing infertility are more prone to struggling with depression.

Depression is vaguely explained as sadness you are unable to shed, lasting for longer periods and interfering with your daily routine.

If you are sad all the time – even if you don’t understand why – you may be confronted with more than the usual sadness.

  1. You feel  loneliness

Loneliness is such a feeling that one may feel secluded even among a crowd of people.  Avoiding women with children, baby showers and pregnant females are absolutely usual while coping with infertility.

Avoiding these conditions may even be a kind of taking good care of you.

But, in case you are…

Feeling added loneliness all the time

Avoiding family and friends mostly

Staying indoors and far from social gatherings you once used to enjoy

Feeling alone in a crowd of people

… You are certainly suffering from loneliness

This may be the result of self-shame or depression.

  1. You don’t enjoy activities which were once exhilarating

Are there still interesting activities you once enjoyed but no longer attract you?

This is similar to finding a new hobby.

Nonetheless, in case there are places, friends or hobbies you used to enjoy once no longer interest you. Sadness have perhaps taken over and changing your life perception.

  1. You often experience panic attacks and feel anxious

Infertility may confuse you and cause nervousness, as expected.

The forthcoming fertility tests may make you nervous and shaky because of the awaiting results and the side effects of the treatment.

However, in case you find…

Worrying interfering in your routine life.

The nervousness does not appear to be vanishing after having a tension.

You feel unnecessarily worried without any reason. Or,

You have been going through panicky attacks.

… You are dealing somewhat with more than usual nervousness. Perhaps, you are confronted with anxiety related to your infertility.

  1. You effortless become angry or frustrated

Depression and anxiety, both lead to frustration driving you crazy and losing patience effortlessly.

Frustration and anger because of infertility may misdirect your letting out frustration over others unnecessarily. You may find yourself yelling at friends and family members over trivial matters and may think that all their actions are bad just because you are frustrated within.  You may find yourself letting out your anger on small babies and all pregnant females, even though you may not know them personally.

Your anger is perhaps the other side of the of sadness coin. In whichever situation you find anger, sadness is awaiting on the opposite side.

Counseling may help in conquering your anger so that your colleagues, friends, family members and loved ones do not become a victim of your anger.

  1. You may be facing difficulty in focusing and remembering

Certain fertility medications may cause problems in concentrating.

However, in case you are observing that…

The drugs are driving you spacey all the time.

You are not able to focus on your work.

You are unable to even focus on you can’t even focus on pleasurable activities, such as playing chess or book reading.

You may like to consider the option of counseling.

Anxiety and depression may cause your focus problematic.  So it does when you are thinking of infertility 24 x 7.

  1. Straining relations

Infertility exerts a great amount of pressure on the involved couple. Certain couples are lucky to get closer during this difficult time, others feel the there are going apart without hope of getting together again.

Since the infertility treatments are little expensive, the financial stress may widen gap between some couples.

Do you get into arguments about the treatment decisions?

Do you get anxious that because of the infertility issue, your partner may leave you forever?

Have both of you have forgotten to enjoy and having fun together?

In case you find that you are straining your relationship which had strong roots of thick bonding, it is advised to seek counseling.

  1. Problems with sexual performance and desire

When you are attempting to achieve pregnancy, you may be required to copulate with your partner, at times without any desire or drive.

Besides, the shame of infertility may lead to looking at your life as a baby-producing machine that has broken. You may perhaps get a feeling that producing babies are more important than having sex.

This feeling and shame may adversely affect your sexual life.

Issues many couples may face are…

A decreased sexual urge or desire.

Erectile dysfunction or performance-related anxiety.

Reduced sexual enjoyment.

Anxiety and depression may deteriorate your sexual health.

Apart from this, certain hormonal imbalances that result in infertility may also affect your sex life. Copulation may be painful because of the presence of reproductive ailments, like endometriosis and prove to harmful to your sexual life.

If you are confronted with sexual issues, it is pertinent that you may consider counseling and as well inform your fertility doctor.

  1. Use of alcohol and drugs very frequently

In case you are looking forward to getting pregnant, you are not allowed to drink alcohol.

But stress is bothering you too much and you decide to have a couple of drinks for relaxing at night.

A glassful of wine has occasionally been okay..

But, in case…

You are looking forward to numbing your emotions.

And, hiding your newly found hobby from your partner

And drinking is disturbing your daily routine.

… It is time you require help.

  1. Not eating at all or all the time

Food may work as a drug, at times.

Are you eating too much for numbing your emotions?  If so, you may also be feeling guilty for indulging in food too much.

Treating yourself once in a while is okay.  There is a hell of difference between enjoying your treat and emotional eating.

After an emotional eating for numbing hard feelings, the person may feel worse, not certainly not better, after indulgence.

Many people upset their stomach after over indulgence in case they are confronted with tremendous stress.

Amending your eating patterns and weight variations may be symptoms of depression.

  1. Sleep issues

Anxiety and depression may cause issues with your sleep.

Are you sleeping too much?

Facing difficulty in falling asleep during the night?

Have problems in staying asleep?

Have you been sleeping at odd hours, like early mornings?

These are all signs of anxiety or depression.

Bear in mind that certain fertility medicines may interfere with your sleeping patterns. Consult your doctor in case your sleeping issues begin after taking a particular medicine.

  1. Suicidal thoughts

In case you think that you would be better off by committing suicide or always imagining suicide, it is vital for you to seek counseling.

Surrounded by suicidal thoughts constantly is a sure shot signal of a powerful depression.  The sooner you get help for overcoming it, the better it would be to lead a normal life again.

Are you gripped with suicidal thoughts at present? Do you think you may hurt yourself?

In 2014, According to a Wikipedia report, nearly 332 people committed suicide related to infertility in India.

Never feel this way…

Infertility sometimes may be heartbreaking. Undergoing examinations and treatment may also be tiresome. It is surely usual experiencing anger and even sadness sometimes.

Your life is much more important than your medical condition.

Seek the help of our expert doctors, who will strive hard to bring back happiness in your life. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy the bliss of parenthood!

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