How to cure Endometriosis naturally

Have you been using pharmaceutical drugs for a long time to treat Endometriosis?  If yes, think again.  The prolonged use of these drugs may affect the smooth functioning of your liver.

The unnatural growth of endometrial tissue in the body inflammates the areas around.  When the inflammation multiplies and persists for a long time, it may cause unbearable pain and  infertility.

So, it is desirable of endometriosis patients to reduce inflammation in the body.

Since sweating helps in cleansing the lymph nodes, it is imperative to work out 5 days in a week. Exercising one week before the onset of your periods can prove to be beneficial in achieving the goal. One of the main influencers of endometriosis is the presence of toxins in body. And, regularly exercising helps in weeding them out.

Having a healthy relationship and actively bed-partnering helps in warding off endometriosis attacks.  And, in case of any eventuality of an attack, it will not be a severe one.

Korean researchers are of the view that Endometriosis is a working woman’s disease.  That means that the working women, generally, are less active in bed-partnering for lack of time. Copulation with your spouse before the onset of menstrual cycle will considerably ease endometrial signs.

Changes in eating habits:                 

  • Eating organic foods is very important. Processed foods should be avoided as they contain hormones that may worsen the endometriosis problem.
  • Make iron-rich green vegetables a part of your daily diet.  Avoid iron supplements.  They are neither safe nor easily absorbable.
  • Saying goodbye to refined white sugar, Maida (white flour) and white rice would be a wise step. They are bleached with chlorine and leave dioxins remains in the food. Moreover, the refined foods are inflammatory in nature and may worsen your endometriosis problem.
  • Eating brown rice and whole wheat flour are helpful in reducing the chances of endometriosis.
  • Honey is considered preferred sweetener than chemically-processed sugar. It helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Homogenized milk has the tendency to increase inflammation. Should you think, you need milk, buying non-homogenized milk from a health store would be a great idea.
  •  All soy products should be avoided as they hold phyto-estrogens that help in increasing the estrogen hormone level in the body. The hormonal imbalance because of the enhanced estrogen  hormone level may worsen the endometriosis condition.
  • Avoid all kinds of processed foods. The chemical preservatives and additives cause inflammation in the body.
  • Municipalities, the world over, add chlorine in the drinking water.  That means the water will have Dioxins that are inflammatory. Buying spring water that contains minerals in plenty is advised or a trusted water filter should be purchased. A shower filter is a must as the chlorine vapors are highly inflammatory and aggravate the endometriosis condition.

In the process of curing endometriosis, you have to:

  • Provide nutrients in the body that help in healing the liver
  • Keep a check on the inflammation
  • Flush out all toxins from the body

Some of the additional suggestions are recommended for the endometriosis patients:

Additional Suggestions

  • All kinds of B Vitamins help in strengthening the liver and disposing of the excess estrogen hormones.
  • Licorice is widely used herb in China for smooth functioning of the liver.
  • Dandelion helps in strengthening both the liver and the kidneys.
  • Milk thistle is a well known herb that helps in strengthening the liver.
  • Farmers have been giving Selenium to their cows to prevent endometriosis. They are aware that the disease causes infertility.  Selenium is found in plenty in Brazil nuts, cod and meats.  It is also available in supplements.
  • Vitamin E  helps in promoting healthy uterine lining.  Vitamin E and selenium in combination helps in preventing damage to cell membranes and protecting against oxidation. Vitamin E is a blood thinner and should not be taken during periods as its use will augment bleeding.
  • Chlorophyll is helpful in removing Dioxins from the body that promotes endometriosis. The liquid concentrate is considered effective for removing Dioxines.
  • Radishes have traditionally been used to cure all kinds of liver problems including jaundice.  It is recommended to make radishes a part of your daily diet.
  • Folate, also known as folic acid, is important for making heme in the body.  Heme is a part of hemoglobin that contains iron and is non-protein in the red blood cells.  Lesser folic acid may cause nutritional megoblastic anemia.  That means large red blood cells that are unable to transport oxygen properly. Folate helps in regulating and balancing the hormones.

The alcohol consumption should be avoided as it not only reduces the absorption of folic acid, but also increases its excretion from the kidneys. Folic acid helps in the removal of lead from the body and, thus, proper utilization of zinc. Any kind of  liver disease increases the folate loss.

An occasional glass of red wine is okay and anything more than this would impair the functioning of the liver.

  • All pharmaceutical medicines for endometriosis will have Gelatine in it. Eating foods that contain gelatine during the periods is highly valuable.
  • In the US, doctors often recommend Cannabis (“marijuana”) consumption. Marijuana not only helps in reducing the pain but also cures inflammation. Some patients, who tried marijuana, have reportedly found it very effective in curing endometriosis.  Cannabis is neither addictive nor harmful to kidneys.  It even helps in suppressing nausea that often comes with the pain.

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