Atithi Devo Bhava

(The guest is equivalent to God)

When foreign or international patients come to India, they are obviously guests of the country. The ancient scriptures of India, have categorically dictated the citizens to revere guests as God. The Sanskrit verse “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is equivalent to God) is taken from India’s ancient scripture Upanishad.

Ready assistance for comfortable stay

Believing in the ancient Sanskrit verse “Atithi Devo Bhava”, we have special arrangements for the foreign patients. They are given extraordinary care and assistance at the clinic and extended all kinds of help relating to their comfort and happy stay. Some significant features are:

  • Amiable support staff to facilitate their comfortable stay

  • Budget-friendly staying arrangements

  • Support staff proficient in English

  • Advance reporting of their line of treatment

  • Reporting about the expected period of treatment and stay

  • Arrangement for interpreter in case of language problem

Treatments available:

The New Life India Clinic is a part of the Global Lotus Clinics network that provides total solutions for male and female infertility. The network has roots in European countries where scientists are working on newer methods and procedures for treating infertility.

We have created an ultra-modern infrastructure and our fertility experts and scientists in the field are experienced and keep themselves abreast of the latest methods and techniques for treating infertility.

You will have everything under one roof:

Success Rate

The success rates of our infertility treatments are enormously high as compared to many other clinics. The simple logic behind this is the pool of fertility experts from European nations known for their research and knowhow. Nonetheless, the success rate of every individual case depends on many factors.
Reading IVF Success Ratewill enlighten you on the factors to be taken into account.

Rules and Procedures

Foreign patients coming to India for treatment have to follow certain rules and procedures. In case of surrogacy treatment, they have to furnish a certificate confirming the treatment and a certificate that will enable the baby born with the treatment to go back to the parents’ country. Besides, they have to engage a local guardian to take care of the surrogate.

Why treatment at New Life India Clinic?

The New Life India Clinic is a name to reckon with in all kinds of infertility treatment and handling surrogacy. The clinic in located in the posh area of the Indian capital, New Delhi. Its infrastructure has the ambience of an international clinic and all the latest equipment. The experts in the infertility treatment are always up-to-date with the innovations in the field to match the world class treatment.

Inimitable features of the Clinic

  • The Clinic is a part of the Global Lotus Clinics, a pool of infertility specialists and scientists from all over the world.
  • The best infertility experts from all over the world at your service.
  • All the infertility treatments are taken care of under one roof.
  • Support staff to help you with accommodation and other needs.
  • Arrangement for healthy egg donors/sperm donors.
  • Reliable group of affordable agents to help you with travel needs.
  • Experts for easing of your treatments.

Why Infertility treatments in India?

Assuming you, a couple or an individual, who are serious about having a baby in our laps, we are sure, you must have gone through the available options in your own country. But then it is obligatory on our part to let you know how and why India can be a doable option for you.

In some cases of male infertility, efforts are made to use get sperms using ICSI treatment. In extreme cases, sometimes even the ICSI treatment fails. In those cases, we use the donor sperms.

India is one of the most important destinations for infertility treatments. And, these Infertility treatments are gaining widespread popularity all over the world. The reasons are:

  • Compared to developed countries, especially that of Europe, the cost of infertility treatments is very low.

  • Even the costs for stay in hotels and food are competitive and cheaper.

  • Clinics in India are getting competitive.

  • Couples or individuals needing infertility treatments can have their treatments and enjoy the fun of holidaying in India. Holidaying in India is cheaper and the tourist destinations are aplenty.

  • Indian laws towards infertility treatments are quite liberal

Infertility treatment laws in different countries:

If you are thinking and planning for surrogacy, you may face many legal and Often, couples experience many legal or principled hurdles. The laws and ethical values vary from one country to another. Infertility treatments are helpful in India.

The guidelines for the clinics engaged in providing treatments using Assisted Reproductive Techniques have been listed out by the Indian Council of Medical Research in its Chapter 3. However, surrogacy for foreigners has been banned by the Indian government recently.